Our staff is focused to serve customers with high quality and innovative solutions and products.
The efficient management along with Regal® behavioral codes grants the respect of ethical principles and of the highest security levels.

  • Secure job conditions for all workers in several facilities and in its suppliers network
  • Respect and dignity for all workers
  • Environment respect
  • Respect of ethical principles of category national association which we are in (Confindustria – ANIE) and of the most relevant international associations (e.g. EICC, GeSI)
  • Loyal and correct trade rules
  • Regal ethical code

Skilled in production of dangerous areas electric motors, our staff manage completely inside the company phases of design, construction, certification and quality control of our products.
Grant our customers technology innovation, constant standards updates and taylor made solutions are a must for us!

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Luca Chiesa

Managing Director

Emanuele Venturati

Finance Director

Simon Schneider

Site Leader Cemp International GmbH

Michele Bigatti

Sourcing Manager

Stefano Marchiando

Sales Director

Guendalina Barone

HR Manager

Luca Casale

Lean & Engineering Director

Luca Romano

IT Manager